“In sport we are regularly judged by our performances and often we make the mistake of allowing our identity to be rooted in those performances. The CallUp competitor’s prayer book serves as a reminder that our identity lies in Christ. The prayers in CallUp give us God’s perspective reminding us that our identity is in Christ. He is the author and director of our faith and if we are rooted in Him we realize that our sport is a vehicle to worship Him and serve others as He leads us.”

JP Duminy
Former Proteas Cricketer

“This book is a gift to sports people like me because I know that my faith and my sport can’t be separated. At many times in my career I have faced difficult moments. I know that constant prayer, Scripture and fellowship with other Christians have helped me come through stronger than I would have done on my own.

CallUp is a great resource – it’s filled with Scriptures and prayers specifically for the typical challenges we face in sport. It will be so easy to pull this out in the changing room and find a quiet moment to remember God and His purpose for my life and sport.”

Brandon Petersen
South African International and PSL Soccer Player

“I fell in love with CallUp the moment I first set eyes on it. It’s so easy to use God as a “Lucky Charm’ in life and sport. The prayers in this little booklet put God back at the centre where He belongs and invites sports people to acknowledge His unending love and allowing it to flow through our lives at all times.”

Tsaone Sebele
Botswana 100 m Champion 2018; Africa University Games Champion 100 & 200m; African Championships Finalist 100m & 4 x 400m Silver Medalist.

“Being away from home and competing on the International stage can be lonely. Call Up contains prayers that help you to address God and remind you that He is with you always.”

Rikenette Steenkamp
South African 100m Hurdles Record Holder

“Being in an industry that faces a lot of challenges, both positive and negative, it is vital that ones inner being and faith is being constantly supported. Whether you are far from home or in your home country, this book serves not only as a reminder that you are not facing these challenges alone, but that you are equipped with the tools to help you get through them as a sports person. Faith does not make things easy, it makes them possible.”

Travis Graham
PSL Soccer Player

“It’s been comforting to have an easy and accessible way to invite God to guide me through my circumstances.”

Jesse Donn
PSL Soccer Player

“The prayers in Call Up equip me to encourage my sport loving kids to see their sport from God’s perspective.”

Estelle Silence
Sports Parent

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